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God’s Design for man

The “Big Bang”,  as many unbelievers describe God’s Creation, could very well have occurred.  I believe it may have occurred as GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH.  Man does not know.  He only imagines the creation based on their current science education.  God did not use science as man sees it to create the Heavens and the Earth, thus the Big Bang.  I believe a significant part of God’s plan, as He spoke our creation into existence, was to create man with which to share His love.

God spoke all the earth and it’s inhabitants into existence.  He demonstrates time and again thru out his word the power of the spoken word.  Throughout all the ages to now and to the coming God is revealing and carrying out His Design For Man.

Years ago I did not know what to believe.  I was blessed to have been born into a family that studied God’s word.  Believed it.  And prayed a lot.  They prayed a lot for me.  I believe the results of their prayers is that the Holy Spirit and His Angels led me thru my adolescent and early adult life where in I was seeking what I called “the truth” of what is life all about.

I was ambitious, in a worldly sense, and studied much, wanting to learn what man described as “secrets” to  success.   I wanted to “be successful and to prosper”, so I studied man’s words about what man described as the mysteries of life.  Mysteries that I thought would lead me to prosperity.  I began to question these mysterious truths and how they could actually work.  And I found that those truth’s that I applied did, in fact, work.  A man described mystery such as “you can if you think you can”, “act enthused and you will become enthused”.  I discovered these truths actually worked.  Only, at first, I thought it was man’s genius being applied.  I asked myself many times “what is the power that makes these things work”?


So, after many years I am still searching and thereby “This Blog – was created as a result of my coming to the realization of God’s true plan of Salvation, and how that plan includes man’s prosperity, Body, Soul, and Spirit.   It has come to have a very special meaning to me, as I realized this part of God’s Design, Salvation for man,  is really all inclusive of mans potential for success, and is REALLY, as man would put it, “THE SECRETE TO SUCCESS”!

Here I wish to share my personal interpretation of God’s Salvation and how I believe it offers us life in abundance.   Believing and accepting Him as Lord and Savior is just the beginning.

I believe that MY SALVATION, as He planned, is also…God’s Design for Man”

I invite viewers to add comments to this blog.  Together we can learn more of God’s plan for mankind.

Jim Comley